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We Dont Just Scratch The Surface

Aeration is vital for maintaining high traffic playing surfaces particularly for turf health on golf courses. A professionally aerated course is an invaluable investment for all stake holders when average is an unacceptable benchmark.

Maintaining quality playing surfaces with minimal disruption to members can only be achieved by working with an expert team who bring years of experience and a 360° project management approach . DT Golf combines advanced research with the latest technology. Operated by experienced turf professionals and agronomists to help you deliver the best playing surfaces.

Seven Step Aeration Process


Course Analysis

Our qualified agronomist works with your consultant and Course Superintendent to establish an initial diagnosis of the underlying problems that are affecting your turf’s health.


Analyse Playing Surfaces

We take undisturbed core samples from key playing surfaces in order to accurately analyse the soil’s required treatment. Testing is provided by European Turfgrass Laboratories (ETL), industry leaders in soil testing.



DT Golf will advise, along with your consultant, the protocol the weeks prior to aeration, to insure the best recovery outcome. Fertilisation is an essential part of the process. This pre-treatment guarantees healthy turf and enables a speedy recovery.


The Procedure

Once we agree the best course of action from testing, only then do we select the machinery best suited to carry out the work. This can be one aeration machine or a combination of aeration machines to carry out the necessary works on the designated playing surfaces.



Top dressing putting surfaces in the preceding weeks is recommended after works have been carried out. This aids active recovery and ensures greens are back to optimum playing standard.



6-8 weeks post works, we conduct our second round of soil analysis. More soil samples are taken to track the improvement of the soil and show the fundamental positive impact of the aeration process.


DT Golf Expert Report

We provide a summary of the effects of the aeration project. We also provide a roadmap of recommended processes for optimum turf health and, most importantly, club prosperity.

Aeration Processes in Detail

Simplicity is the Key to Success

Bespoke Process

Aeration is not a one-size-fits-all process. Solely focusing on perfecting the visible playing surface is only a quick fix and not a suitable long term strategy.

Well Connected

DT Golf combines USGA–GCSAA led research, leading material suppliers and specialist machinery to deliver the best professional solution for your course.


Discuss The Process That Works For You

Soil analysis will determine which aeration process is required and DT Golf works with you to choose the best option for you.

Vertical Aeration

- Verti-draining

- Air2G2

- Hollow Core Aeration

Linear Aeration

- Graden Contour Sand Inject

- GKB Sandfiller

- Shockwave

Drill and Fill

Our machines drill a deep core up to a maximum of 300mm and replaces the entire void with the optimum Sand/Profile® mix. Backfilling immediately after the hole is drilled ensures accuracy and no pockets of trapped air or water and doesn’t separate the soil particles within the sand mix.

The Benefits

The aeration process introduces sand to act as a new growing medium within the makeup of your turf. This has a number of long-term benefits:

 - Improved water infiltration

- Reduced surface moisture

- Increased oxygen levels

- Better gas exchange

- Alleviate subsoil compaction

- Break layering

- Improved rootzone structure

- Firmer playing surface

Many of our clients invest in a long-term program to promote and improve overall surface profile, turf health and playability. Past clients have noted:

- Positive impact on course revenue

- Improved relationships with members

- Playing surfaces can remain open

Our process betters the soil profile by incorporating sand channels without the cost and disruption of a full greens renovation.


Testing is provided by European Turfgrass Laboratories (ETL), industry leaders in soil testing. ETL is an A2LA-accredited laboratory (Geotechnical putting green materials) and is 1 of 10 in the world on the USGA approved list of physical soil testing labs.

Blended with sand in a root zone mix, Profile Porous Ceramics® improves water and nutrient-holding capabilites, increase oxygen levels in the root zone, and facilitate drainage when soils are saturated.



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